About us


If you’re looking for a qualified tip or running an efficient transport operation, have a chat to Chris Leckey who is the Managing Director of CJL Haulage Pty Ltd.

Chris believes that his business has the near perfect tipper set-up based on the standardisation package of Mack trucks,Western Star, Kenworth, Sloanebuilt trailers and BPW running gear. Its a firm belief, based on the hard facts of operating truck and dogs and semi tippers over a 13 year period moving and dumping well you name it!

“Anything that can be tipped out the back of a trailer, we carry. That includes sand, gravel, coal, crushed car bodies, glass, steel, concrete, fertilisers, plus a host of recyclable products.” said Chris. During his business experience, Chris says both the companies truck and trailers have worked almost non-stop and with very few mechanical issues thanks to his choice of transport equipment suppliers and a relentless maintenance program.

“Before I began CJL Haulage I drove for our family landscape supply company, Shepherds Landscape Supplies, which taught me that the gear you sat in had to be the best available, and damn reliable”

“Then when I broke away from the family business and formed my own transport operation, I tried a range of equipment brands and products but eventually gravitated to the vehicle combination you now see us working”

The customers Chris hauls for are also the same people he obtains his quarry materials from to supply the range of landscape materials, a business relationship that Chris says is “ideal”.

To help this highly active trucking firm maintain the desired levels of customer service, driver security and on road safety, CJL Haulage has equipped their vehicles with the latest in satellite tracking systems, a measure that Chris states, “greatly assists our busy daily schedules”.

And to further the companies already diverse service portfolio, a state-of-the-art concrete batching plant, complete with a fleet of mini agitators, supplying “wet” concrete deliveries to both the trade and general public.

“When I bought my first six-wheeler all those years ago I knew that’s where I wanted to be, working alongside my staff and with customers I could call family”.